Berries Crumble

I’m fruit (part 2)

I did a berries salad not so long ago and I usually like to share with you a variety of recipes but let’s be honest; Summer is berries season and thus should be honored!!

Berries really are fruits of choice no matter what you bake with them, because they always bring a pop of color, a touch of acidity and a bit a freshness!

Best recipe to enhance all the berries flavors : The Crumble!

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French Toast Sticks (Pain perdu)

Good old recipe

Cooking is not safe from trends. Right now, kale is the new great thing (thanks Beyoncé…) and while this is indeed a great ingredient to cook with, I kinda find it overrated and bothering.

So as an act of rebellion, I decided to share with you an old classic recipe perfect for late breakfast or gourmet snacks: French toasts sticks!

French Toast Sticks (Pain perdu) -


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Coconut & White Chocolate Cookies

Can’t keep my hands out of the cookies jars

Who doesn’t love cookies? Soulless people who prefer puppies to babies, laugh at you in their car while you’re waiting for your bus and worse those who found that the Red Wedding “wasn’t that terrible”, that’s who!!

For the rest of us, I have  a great cookies recipe !!

Coconut & White Chocolate Cookies -


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Ginger & Cinnamon cupcakes

Party time!!

It’s been a while since I started this blog and I thought it would be nice to show you a recipe that can easily be made and shared with your friends.

So this week, we are making ginger & cinnamon cupcakes!

Ginger & Cinnamon  Cupcakes - JadoreSha.comI loooove ginger for its many benefits (fat-burning, immune stimulant and known for its aphrodisiac qualities) and cinnamon is excellent to combat tiredness!!!

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Antioxidant Cleanse Juice

Squeeze fruits out!

I love Sundays!! We can wake up late, be an heavy geek all day, call friends and family (thanks Skype!!). Enjoy the weather, hate on neighbors for making renovations from 8AM and secretly hope that the hyperactive boy running across the streets will discover the concept of gravity …

This is also the ideal day to treat yourself by taking a bath, going to gym class or taking an express fruits & vegetables treatment.

Anti-oxydant Juice Cleanse - JadoreSha.comFor this, I share with you my 3-step (mmmkay maybe 4 steps) cleanse juice recipe made from strawberries (source of vitamin C and antioxidants), cucumber (freshness, fiber-rich, low calories) and apples (excellent appetite suppressant) apples (excellent appetite suppressant) and carrots (again an excellent antioxidant, great for skin and also … respect to Bugs Bunny ^^) .

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Colorful leeks and ham tart

Best of both words

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m very conflicted about my cravings and deeps needs of something sweet for supper. But I cannot totally succumb to that because it leads too often to desserts (and then to an extra visit to the gym …)

To get over this dilemma, I suggest you a delicious leek and ham tart.

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