Appetizers (Veggie)

Sometimes you just don’t want to cook. But alas, most of the time, your stomach is totally against this “Hunger Games” phase.

When this happens, you can be weak and order some not-so-good-but-way-too-expensive food, you can try the “mind over body” (and fail, and order not-so-good-but-way-too-expensive food) or you can turn it around.

Have friends come over and make some delicious, healthy, veggie appetizers!!

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Roasted Chicken (lemon & honey)

For every foodie, there comes a time when you want to step up your game and cook something very impressive, whether it is to prove to your parents that you’re not living on take-out meals or to celebrate a grand occasion (getting a promotion, avoiding a ticket or winning an E-bay bid on THAT Jimmy Choo you’ve been tracking down for hours).

So this week, I lead you to the path of the Roasted Chicken!!

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Thaï Shrimp Soup

Throughout the coldest days of winter, I guess you will need a good bowl of soup. And I’m pretty sure that thinking about the basic Minestrone or Carrots or Tomato Soups is as enjoying as thinking about your next phone bill.

But with my Thaï Shrimp Soup, you will have a full, delicious meal that will even make you forget about the snow, the bills and …

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Banana Bread (Gluten free)

Tired to be harassed by your work colleague Christina about the “difficulties to eat gluten-free while it is yet sooo good for health”?

No worries! With this recipe, everyone could take a bite!!

And you can be sure that you’ll get Christina’s vote and win the “best dessert” competition at your next office potluck!

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